We have an extensive wine list with a wide variety of flavours to suit all tastes. White, red, sweet, dry and rich sticky fortified wines for those special occasions. Put an order in here.
2020 Verdelho

A crisp, fresh and lively style of Verdelho with a subtle tropical fruit aroma. The balanced palate carries distinctive passionfruit flavour. A terrific drink-now style, with cellar potential.

$12 bottle        $120 dozen
Pinot Gris.png
2020 Pinot Gris

Fresh pear and apple notes carry across the palate. Enjoy a well balanced acidity and fresh satisfying finish.

$12 bottle        $120 dozen
Autumn Harvest.png
2018 Autumn Harvest

Produced from late-picked Chenin and Verdelho grapes grown on our Windy Creek vineyard. The grapes were allowed to reach maturity on the vine before being hand picked and carefully cold fermented to retain full flavour, allowing the resulting wine to retain some residual sugar.

$10 bottle        $100 dozen
2019 Autumn Red

Light bodied style, spicy oak and blackberry characters finishing fresh and clean. Being slightly sweet try spicy Asian food with this wine.

$10 bottle        $100 dozen
2018 Old Vines Shiraz

A serious Swan Valley Shiraz, it has a savoury aroma with a twist of black pepper on the nose. The satisfying earthy, ripe plum characters and silky tannins are well complemented by the well balanced oak finish.

$12 bottle        $120 dozen
Old Tawny.png
Old Tawny

A rich, round, full flavoured Old Tawny with huge fruit up front and a delightfully long, luscious and lingering finish. 

$20 bottle        $220 dozen
Toffee Topaz.png
Toffee Topaz

Palate smooth and luscious with generous caramel, chocolate, raisin and dried fruit flavours. A colour of deep amber toffee with lovely aged oak characters to add depth, freshness and balance. 

$25 bottle        $275 dozen
FR Frontignac.png
30yr Reserve Frontignac

Deep olive brown. Exceptionanally rich and lusciously complex with a dense array of sweet spices, dried raisins, toffee and lovely old rancio characters. All brought together in a smooth lingering finish. 

$68 bottle
Sauvignon Blanc.png
2020 Sauvignon Blanc

It has finally arrived, a Swan Valley Sauvignon Blanc. Pale straw with a green rim. The nose is dominated by tropical aromatics. A crisp and lively palate is characterised by passionfruit, honeydew melon and gooseberry. Qualities that carry through to a lengthy, mouth filling finish.

$12 bottle        $120 dozen
2020 Classic Dry White

This Swan Valley wine, matured and blended to a traditionally high standard, has been made from specially selected fruit, resulting in an attractive, delicate, medium weight on the palate, with complex flavours and a well balanced finish.

$10 bottle        $100 dozen
Autumn Gold.png
2018 Autumn Gold

A sweet, full bodied, fruit driven little number with a golden colour reminiscent of late harvested hay.

$12 bottle        $120 dozen
2019 Grenache

This once taken for granted variety now takes pride of place. Plum red in colour, of medium intensity with aromatics of wild strawberry and red cherry. The palate is soft and balanced, finishing with pleasing complexity and length of flavour.

$12 bottle        $120 dozen
Golden Tawny.png
Golden Tawny

Luscious, with richly concentrated apricot fruit flavours at first and then integrating over time to be honey-like and finally harmonising into a rich, smooth finish. 

$20 bottle        $220 dozen
Liqueur Muscat.png
Liqueur Muscat

Exceptionally rich and luscious with extremely complex and dense Oriental sweet spiced flavours of caramel and raisins. Deep olive brown with spicy fruit cake and tea leaf that is balanced by a mouth filling lingering finish. 

$20 bottle        $220 dozen
2019 Reserve Chardonnay

This exceptional Swan Valley Chardonnay has an attractive citrus, floral aroma which is complemented by its great depth and elegance of flavour leading to a crisp well balanced finish. This wine may be enjoyed in its youth or cellared for up to three years to develop its full potential. 

$14 bottle        $140 dozen
2020 Vermentino

Pale Green straw in colour, this wine has prominent aromas of jasmine and white nectarine. The palette is fleshy and almost salty with grapefruit acidity and a textured finish making this a very refreshing wine.

$12 bottle        $120 dozen
2019 Chenin

A fragrant Swan Valley Chenin exhibiting a pale lemon green colour with aromas of green apple. This Chenin Blanc shows great intensity of fruit flavours, nicely balanced acidity with a hint of sweetness. Can be enjoyed as an aperitif or with spicy Asian cuisine.

$12 bottle        $120 dozen
2020 Caprice (Rosé)

A fresh flavoursome palate with full spice and strawberry characters, this wine shows a French influence. The resulting wine maintains this attractive pink hue and elegant fruit freshness, finishing with a dry delight.

$10 bottle        $100 dozen
2018 Cabernet Merlot

A blend of Cabernet and Merlot, matured in American oak. This wine has an intense bouquet of berried fruits, with traces of plum and strawberry, finishing with a soft palate of vanilla oak. Definitely a drink-now wine.

$12 bottle        $120 dozen
Liqueur Shiraz.png
Liqueur Shiraz 

An intriguing blend of blackcurrants over ripe plums resulting in an extremely luscious and concentrated flavour with great balance and a delightful mouth hugging finish. 

$20 bottle        $220 dozen

Unique and delicious. Rich raisin, dried fruit with hints of citrus peel and apricot flavours. Concentrated and viscous with lingering aged complexity. 

$28 bottle        $308 dozen
2018 Reserve Shiraz

A finely structured yet powerful classic with layers of fruit framed by restrained oak. Fleshy red currant & plum flavours flood across the palate leading to a delicate yet creamy spiced oak finish which ensures good ageing potential. 

$18.5 bottle        $200 dozen

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